Sound the Siren!

25 Jan


I’m delighted to be introducing my beautiful baby! The Wailing Siren Mystery was written by Franklin W. Dixon as part of the famous Hardy Boys Mystery Stories series. Published by Grosset & Dunlap in 1951, my book is Volume 30 in the long running series. It was really difficult to decide what book to study for class. When I thought about doing a book from my own collection, the choice became crystal clear. If you look at my bookshelf, there are mostly paperback books, but The Wailing Siren Mystery stands out from the crowd.

Where did I receive this magnificent book? My father gave me this book when I was around the age of ten. He had read it when he was a little boy and thought I would also enjoy the story of Joe and Frank Hardy, two super sleuths that always solve their mysteries. The book is still in great shape, minus a dust jacket. Surviving two generations of Farley children is not an easy task for a book. Usually a Farley kid book would have writing or added pictures in it, but The Wailing Siren Mystery has no added commentary. With its interesting history and beautiful end sheets, I do believe The Wailing Siren Mystery is going to be a great choice to study. I am excited to explore what went into the making of this book. On this blog, you will be able to unravel the mystery along with me. For now, however, the history of this book shall remain a secret. 


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